Median Cost of Rent for a 1-Bedroom in DC

We wanted to share DCist’s article about the high cost of rent in the DC area.  Wouldn’t you rather have that hard-earned money go towards owning a home?  We can help with that!


“In the spectrum of cliche D.C.-centric articles, one about how expensive the rent is in a given neighborhood is perhaps the most cliche. And yet, here we are. So without further adieu, here’s a map that looks at the median rent for a one bedroom apartment in each neighborhood* of D.C.

This map comes via, a home and apartment rental search site. According to their research, the city-wide median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $2,000, making it the fourth-most expensive market in the nation in the month of February [Insert “Rent is Too Damn High! joke here]

But Zumper’s research also confirms what another report revealed last month: the rent is actually declining. In the last month, one-bedrooms declined by 0.5 percent in February and by 2.4 percent in the quarter. And it’s not just with one-bedroom apartments. All kinds of rentals in D.C. are declining, by 0.6 percent last month and by 2.7 percent in the last quarter.

*Note: this map, omits neighborhoods East of the Anacostia river. Devin O’Brien, the blog post’s author, tells DCist the omission was “nothing deliberate,” but was the first time one of Zumper’s designers put together a D.C. map, “so they drew the boundary at the river.” O’Brien adds that the data for rental prices East of the Anacostia River can be found on the site here. “

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