Having a problem selling your home? Bury Saint Joseph!

In this market, it can be tough for a seller to get a contract.  The home is priced right, updated and staged.  Their real estate agent is holding open houses every Sunday, advertising the home online, in newspapers and magazines…but still no offer.  It seems like only divine intervention will help sell the home.  Well… 

Some sellers are turning to St. Joseph.

Saint Joseph Kit

Saint Joseph Kit sold on Amazon.com

St. Joseph is the patron saint of carpenters and house hunters.  According to Snopes.com, the legend is that if a homeowner buries a statue of St. Joseph in the yard, the home will sell in a relatively short period of time thereafter. 

There are a few variations of how a seller is to go about doing this, but the realtors in my office tell me to bury the statue of St. Joseph in the front yard, upside down, and say a prayer.  Once the home has sold, the seller is supposed to dig up the statue and place it in their new home. 

Google “St. Joseph Real Estate” and you will find many articles with testimonials from home sellers in seemingly hopeless real estate predicaments who within, just hours, days or weeks after burying a statue of St. Joseph, sold their home. 

Does it work?  I don’t know, but I’m about to try it on one of my listings.  I’d be interested to hear readers own experiences with St. Joe.


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